Today I would like to talk about something very serious. That something is jokes. They are sometimes not funny, and this is a sandwiches are delicious (yes this is one of those articles).

That said I have to be in Cheesewicks in twenty sneezes. So I'll need you to say that you will too. Unless you can't in which case I'll have to eat your soul again. Now if you or I do that it will end in depressing tears of tearing the space-time fabric of the local area. And I know we just had that fixed.

Hey! YOU! Pikathu!


I heard you liek mudkipz.

Shut up mang.

Thhhhhhhhbt! :P

And then the world was invaded by giant rubber ducks! There were brown ones, and yellow ones, and red ones and white ones and blues ones and even a single violet one. That one was the girl. And there was lawyer ducks and thulu ducks and they all killed the rain forests. Because they were thirsty and they wanted the rain. Oh and they had lasers on their laser eyes. Oh and there was also a giant spaceship that looked like a foot.

So we ran. SUDDENLY!

Today I made too much sense. I really need a new labcoat. My last one fused with my arm and then married my sandwich. I'm thinking of a number between FF and 0? Poop. Did you know that there are more ants in pants with lasers than there were 600 hundred years ago? It's because more women wear pants now too, so the ants have more options. But really I blame the moon. Also ants can now have lasers.


I'm borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring into the earth with my drill that pierces the ground. And so the wizard was saved and evil princess was defeated. The end...?



The evil princess became good after that and killed everyone. The End.